Free and Healthy living in Poland

Uniwest real estate agent for the region Jelenia Gora, Karpacz, Kamienna Gora, Walbrzych and Lower Silesia (Dolneslaskie) in Poland supports and provides information on how you can live ecological, independent and an healthy life, and above all the beautiful region Dolneslaskie. Here you have the opportunity to own a home mortgage free in the wilderness. Live according to your ideologies concerning freedom, health, nature and utilize its natural resources. In our region you can have your home clean and clear own drinking water without additives of chlorine, fluoride, aspartame and heavy metals that can make you and your children sick. You can heat your home and water heating here freely with CO2-neutral fuels such as using wood from your own small forest or eco wood pellets or grains. This eco wood pellets and grains are CO2 neutral and pieces grinder cheaper than oil or gas. Gasverbanding is including a contribution from the high levels of particulate matter that you encounter throughout the United Kingdom and can cause problems for the lungs. Fortunately, here in our region has your choice of what you want to use as fuel. The air is cleaner, many times cleaner than in and around big cities like London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona or other major areas such as the Ruhr area in Germany. Without clean air it is a stuffy life. Clean air and clean water are surely the two most important factors to have quality of a long and healthy life. Uniwest Real Estate has a wide choice of beautiful houses that still is surrounded by clean air and pure water from a private well. Mortgage free living is available for you and your family to live happy and healthy. Here it is also possible to make even wider use of ecological living and use of land for growing your vegetables and fruit. Also, there are numerous options for windmills, solar panels and heat pumps to install on your own territory without a number of oppressive rules and government surcharges. Here in our region Dolenslaksie (Jelenia Gora, Kamienna Gora, Karpacz) it can be a great beginning to a life in an environmentally friendly manner. But above all, healthy and free. Free of the repressed and imposed precepts and bio industry. You decide what and how vegetables, fruits and herbs grows in your own greenhouse.
Clean air + clean water + clean healthy food = healthy, stress-free, enjoying life.

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